What I use to do my work?


Editor - I use PHPStorm as my main IDE. Although it's slow, it's very convenient for Laravel development. I switched to using Vim lately for most development other than Laravel projects. I'm even typing this blog in Vim.

Terminal - I use iTerm2 with the Cobalt 2 theme made by Wes Bos. I like it a lot. Since I started using Vim, I also use tmux to manage my sessions.

Browser - Google Chrome is my browser of choice. I often try new browsers, but I keep coming back to Chrome.

Password Management - I use 1Password for password management. I still use the old version that I once bought from the App Store. I don't like the subscription model that 1Password offers now.

Design - I've always used Adobe software for design. Lately I only design things for the web, so I mainly use Sketch for that. I'm trying Figma because a lot of people tell me it's better, but I'm a lot faster in Sketch. I have Illustrator installed just for some heavy vector power I need sometimes.

Project Management - I use Trello a lot for my projects where clients are involved. I like the visual interface and clients can work with it as well. For my todo's I use Todoist. I once won a lifetime membership in The Next Web Hackathon.

Communication - I use Telegram for IM, I've used Slack a lot but almost every group I attended switched to Discord, so I'm using that now.

Music - I'm using Spotify for daily music. In my office the music is streamed to two Sonos speakers. I like most music as long as there is no autotune.


Computers - My main computer is an Late 2016 iMac 5K. I bought it for the screen. It's a good machine for development. At home I have a Macbook Air M1 which I also use for work.

Phone - I still have an iPhone 8. I try to use it as little as possible, so I think my next phone won't be an expensive phone like this.

Desk - Since 2013 I've always worked at a desk made of simple plywood which is laminated with Formica. I really really like the quality of this material. I just moved into a new office and ordered a desktop like this again. It sits on a Fully Jarvis frame.

Chair - I bought a secondhand Herman Miller Aeron Chair en fixed it. Best chair ever.

Notebook - I write and sketch in my Moleskine dotted notebook. Although they are expensive, they last long and I like them being hardcover. I always choose the dotted version because they are the most versatile option. I rarely go anywhere without this notebook. Lately I'm using my Ipad Pro as notebook as well.

Did I forgot something? Please ask me on Twitter.