Sythe Veenje

Hi, I'm Sythe!

I'm a webdeveloper from Groningen. I design & build custom webapps and performing websites. You can ask me for advice on your webproject.



I built a website where people can post their cycling excuses. It has a Laravel backend and a Vue.js frontend. The websites gained a lot of attention on the Live Slow Ride Fast Podcast

Growth Leaders Network


Growth Leaders Network is a network of professionals that help organisations implement their growth mindset. The method is based on the book Taming Your Crocodiles written by Hylke Faber. The website is build on Statamic which is my prefered CMS (because it's so fast!)

Groningse Ondernemers Challenge


A website where social entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas and people can vote for the best idea. The winner gets money and coaching.
I built the website on WordPress and built a custom voting plugin.

Nieuw in Stad


This website is made for Platform Gras and Gemeente Groningen. It lists al newly build houses in Groningen. The website has a very fast search and a WordPress backend.