Hi there, I'm Sythe 👋

Hi, I'm Sythe Veenje. I'm 30 years old and I build things for the web.

Sythe Veenje

In short:

I'm a developer, designer and cyclist from Groningen đŸ‡ŗ🇱. I was born and raised on Schiermonnikoog. The smallest and most northern Island of the Netherlands.

I like building things for the web that solve problems and stops people from doing unnecessary work.

Things I do:

  • Building custom web applications to automate a part of your business
  • Building company websites that engage with your customers
  • Helping you start a business (online)
  • Setup a design system for your company

A little more details:

How it all started

We got our first family computer when I was 11. It was the first time I used the internet. My uncle explained to me that the internet was designed to put your stuff on it as well. It took me another year to find out how you could do that. I remember the first time typing code and seeing it as a webpage on the screen. It was magical and I still enjoy those moments everyday!

When I was 12 years old, I build my first CMS for a local shop to manage their website and their inventory. I immediately saw the power of the web to help businesses thrive.

I'm a developer and designer

While building websites at a young age, I was very unhappy with how the internet looked back then. I researched how you could create nicer looking sites. That's when I stumbled upon Photoshop. I started designing things and fell in love with it.

When I was ready to pick a study I choose to study Graphic Design at the Art Academy in Groningen. I left the Island to become a graphic designer. Now I use my design and photography skills to enhance my websites and web applications.

I'm a entrepreneur

I started my first company at age 16. Since then I've started several businesses and projects, but more importantly:

I've learned a lot about the businesses I built website for. When I start a new project, I try to learn how the mechanics of the business work, so I can create a solution that really helps the business do their work better.

I love to optimize

Besides optimising websites, I really enjoy optimising other parts of my life as well. I try different things all the time until I find something that works for me, and then the cycle starts all over again! If you need any tips on hacking your life, or want to know what works for me, feel free to email me! đŸ’ĒđŸģ

Staying fit

I like all kinds of sports, but cycling is my main sport. I ride road and offroad bikes whenever I can. The mountains are my favourite terrain, although they can't be found where I live ☚ī¸ī¸ So that's my hobby for the holidays. I make deliberate food choice to stay fit and grow old. I like cooking a lot!


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